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Policies and incentives


The Emilia-Romagna region, in coordination with EU economic policy and planning, supports the business landing of companies in its territory with a series of funds and incentives that draw on European, national and regional financial support. (Updated in November 2018)


  • European funds along with national co-financing allocated in Emilia-Romagna about 2,500 million euro in the period 2014-2020.



  • The regional government ranked first in Italy for the management of EU funds.



regional support. There are many other opportunities from national plans (e.g. Industry 4.0 plan).
The Development Contract and the Innovation Agreements are aimed at financing large investments considered strategic for the regional economic system. The Agreements related to these instruments are jointly financed by national and regional resources and are generally managed in strict collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and other actors, in particular Invitalia (national agency for economic development) and - in some cases - local bodies/stakeholders.

  • The Development Contract supports large investments in the sectors of industry, tourism and environmental protection, also in relation with R&D projects.
  • Amount of investment: >20 million euro (7.5 mln for agricultural businesses)
  • Incentives depend on the type of project, location and the size of the company.
  • In case of regional co-financing the Development Contract leads to “Development Agreements” (Accordi di Sviluppo) for investments >50 million euro and “Programme Agreements” (Accordi di programma) for investments <50 million.
  • The Innovation Agreements finance R&D and experimental development projects focusing on: ICT, nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnologies, Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, H2020 priorities.
  • Amount of investment: > 5 million and < 40 million euro
  • Duration: < 36 months
  • Financial incentives and subsided loan depend on the type/location of the investment and the size of the company. In Emilia-Romagna Region, the contribution is 26% of the total eligible investment (23% Mise + 3% Region) and the subsized loan cannot exceed 20% of the total amount of the eligible investments.

Investments supported by the national agreements with regional co-financing are to create about 2,000 new jobs in Emilia-Romagna by 5 years starting from 2016.



  • The Regional Law for Promotion of Investments n.14/2014 provides financial support for large and innovative investments through the Agreement for the Settlement and Development of Enterprises.
  • The Agreement is signed by the Regional government, the investor (single company or grouping), local bodies and other stakeholders involved in the investment.
  • Type of actions that can be financed include: R&D projects, research facilities, environmental protection, training, employment of disadvantaged workers, investments and acquisition of services in SME.
  • Companies can access the Agreement through public calls periodically published by the Regional Government. Main access criteria refer to the employment impact.

About 1,500 jobs are to be created by the 18 investments approved by the first and second call (2016-2017) of the regional law for the Promotion of Investments (L.r. 14/2014) with the creation of 11 new research facilities, mainly related to Industry 4.0 technologies. Completion date of these investments is about 5 years from 2016.



Regional programmes (e.g. Productive Activities Programme, Programme for Research, Innovation and Technology) also provide direct support to companies committed to invest in Emilia-Romagna.


  • The regional Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) aims at supporting research and innovation connecting the production and the knowledge systems and identifying the main priorities:



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