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Country focus: North America

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The USA are one of the main areas of origin of foreign investors in Emilia-Romagna. A few cases are listed below:
In January 2014, Philip Morris announced agreenfield investment of 500 million Euros in the Bologna area, now in the execution phase. The company manager explained the reason for the choice: "Bologna is not only the site of our most advanced filter factory (...) but it also offers excellent infrastructures and an availability of exceptional human resources." The plant has been completed ahead of schedule in December 2015.

In April 2011, Amazon decided to set up their first logistic center in Italy in Piacenza. The center made its first delivery in September. The vice chairman of the company explained the reason for the choice: "from here we can reach 70% of our Italian customers in 3-4 hours". From 2013 to 2015 the American company has invested 70 million euro in the distribution centre, employing 830 persons.

Gowan Italia, a member of the Gowan group based in the USA, specializes in the production of crop protection and nutritional products and is located at Faenza, in the province of Ravenna. In the 4 years after the company was taken over, in 2006, the turnover increased by more than one third, exceeding 20 million Euros.

Gambro, a multinational company acquired by the American Baxter group in 2013, produces medical technology for the support of various therapies (e.g.: for kidney and liver dialysis), and is present in the region with two different firms, Gambro Dasco and Gambro Hospal, located at Medolla (in the biomedical district in the province of Modena), and in Bologna.

Crown Imballaggi Italia, part of the American Crown group, is a company that produces metal packaging for foods and has an important base in Parma with the Head Office for the whole area of the North of Italy and a production facility.




The North America area comprises mainly the USA and Canada (with the addition of Greenland and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon). The USA are Emilia-Romagna's third commercial partner and in 2015 they absorbed regional exports amounting to about 6.0 billion Euros (10.9% of the total for the region). Exports to Canada in the same year amount to 539 million Euros. Instead, the level of imports from the whole North American area was appreciably lower, with a value of 980 million Euros.
In the last 10 years (2006-2015), regional exports to North America have grown by 47.1%, well above the levels before the crisis. Even though they are considerably lower than the exports, the imports too have increased by 47% since 2006.



In exports from Emilia-Romagna to USA, the leading products are from the mechanical field, which alone account for 66% of the total in 2015. Among the most important specific sectors we find first and foremost 'Automobiles', which amount to 1.5 billion Euros, followed by 'Terracotta construction materials', 'Machinery for general use', 'Other machinery for general use', and 'Other machinery for special uses'.
The region's imports from USA are mostly concentrated in mechanical productions and agrofood. The sector 'Products for non permanent farming crops' is outstanding, which alone accounts for 129 million Euros.

(2015, Source: ISTAT-COEWEB)




Country focus: North America

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