53 companies financed by Regional Agreements from 2016 to now

23/03/2020 - With the Regional Resolution DGR 202/2020 (link in Italian) the ranking of the second period of the third call for tenders was approved for the signing of regional Agreements for the Settlement and Development of Enterprises, the policy instrument provided by the Regional Law for the Promotion of Investments (R.L. 14/2014). 22 investments have been approved, providing 465 new jobs (of which 52% are graduated) with a grant from the Region of about 21 million euro.
Many investments approved by the third call for tenders – including first and second period – are linked to regional specializations such as automotive, biomedical, mechanical engineering and IT development (AI and Machine Learning). Two of six new research centres - open to third parties, including public and private research institutes - will be focused on valorization of by-products and sensors for hydraulic systems.

With the implementation of the investments now approved, the three calls for proposals of the Regional Law for the Promotion of Investments (2016, 2017 and 2019) are having a strong impact on the socio-economic system:

  • 56 investment programs (proposed by 53 companies)
  • 2,125 new jobs (+ 159 jobs reintegrated with the first call)
  • 17 R&D centres open to third parties
  • 261.5 million euros of investments
  • 85.5 million euros of public grants
  • Among the selected companies, 12 are owned by foreign investors: AVL, Teko Telecom (JMA Wireless), Eon Reality, IBM, B.Braun, Lamborghini e Ducati (part of Volkswagen/Audi group), Qura, FEV Italia, Bellco, Isotta Fraschini, Borgwarner Systems Lugo



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