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Green region

Regional companies belonging to the green economy in Emilia-Romagna (5.481 companies in 2018) cover a wide range of economic sectors, with a presence in the main clusters of the region.

Green economy in Emilia-Romagna – N. of companies divided by sectors
(Source: GreenER, Green Economy Monitoring Centre – ERVET, 2018)

Some examples are: the processors of organic food products and the technology used in various ways in the agro-food cluster; companies that work in bio-building in the construction cluster; transportation with a low environmental impact in the automotive engineering field. In addition, more general sectors include research into new materials and the supply of machinery, as well as newly emerging sectors such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. On the other hand, the traditional «green» sectors are represented by waste management and water treatment. Regarding services, those with environmental certification also play an important role.

Green economy and technological innovation
Laboratories from the regional High Technology Network (e.g ‘Energy and Environment’ platform’) are related to green economy research areas and are also part of “Clust-ERs”, communities of public and private research centers, companies and training institutes (e.g. ‘Clust-ER Greentech - Energy and Sustainability’).

Regional law for promotion of investments (Reg. Law 14/2014)
The “Agreement for the Settlement and Development of Companies” provided by the law include ‘environmental protection and energy saving’ as category of aid.

To obtain a more detailed description, download the info-sheet: “Invest in Green Economy in Emilia-Romagna”.


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