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Emilia-Romagna is one of the Italian regions with the highest level of competitiveness with an economic system highly innovative and export-oriented. The regional development model has been able to combine high level of richness with strong welfare, public services and social cohesion. Population: 4,474,292 inhabitants (1/1/2020).

  • A manufacturing region

The economic system comprises 366 thousand companies, of which about 35 thousand are in the manufacturing sector (Istat Asia 2018), with a rate of entrepreneurship higher than the national and European one.
The share of industrial employment in Emilia-Romagna is high and the benchmarking with the national and European level shows the manufacturing vocation of the region.


  • Wealth per capita is higher than the Italian and EU28 averages

Regional Gross Domestic Product per capita is 36,247 euro per inhabitant, being about 19.9% higher than the EU27 average (Eurostat 2018).


The net wealth of households in the region amounts to 201.2 thousand euro per capita (Banca d’Italia 2018).



  • High level of internationalization

Regional economic growth is increasingly driven by international trade being the first Italian region for export per capita. Exported goods and services amount to € 66.3 billion in 2019, representing about 14% of Italian exports.




  • Second largest financial center in Italy

Emilia-Romagna is an important financial centre, second only to Lombardy, both for level of bank deposits (about 130 billion, excluding government bonds, in 2018), and for bank loans to enterprises and households (133 billion).




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