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Emilia-Romagna is the Italian region with highest level of intramural R&D expenditure per inhabitant, with a value higher than the European average.

The region has 42,158 total R&D personnel and researchers (full time equivalent), 13.3% of the Italian total while its population represents only 7.4% of the national total. 74% of R&D employees work for private companies while 19% for public and private universities. Total regional expenditure in R&D amounts to 3.12 billion Euro (Source: Istat, 2017, data extracted in August 2020).




In the period 2013-17 (last available data updated in 8/2020), R&D personnel increased more in Emilia-Romagna than in Italy and Europe.

The previous figures are also related to the high number of employees in high technology sectors in relation to total employment


Emilia-Romagna highlights high values among the Italian regions and is above the EU27 average, as concerns patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO) per million of inhabitants.



The wide regional system of public and private universities and training bodies ensures the availability of high skilled human resources, providing an offer of courses fine-tuned with the needs of the regional companies.

The Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2019 ranks Emilia-Romagna among the top Italian innovative regions. 
Emilia-Romagna is the third Italian region for number of innovative start-ups (957 - Source: Registro Imprese, August 2020).



IT-ER - International Talents Emilia-Romagna website is aimed at promoting Emilia-Romagna study, research and career opportunities among international talents and Emilia-Romagna expats. The platform provides information for each step (preparation, arrival, integration) and regarding regional networks and community dedicated to international talents of Emilia-Romagna, making easier to be part of the regional ecosystem.



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