Audi-Volkswagen and the Bull of Sant'Agata. The Lamborghini success story continues

The human factor, the know-how accumulated over decades of experience, and the receptive capacity of the Emilia-Romagna territory. These factors, according to Stephan Winkelmann, president and managing director of Lamborghini Automobili, are the winning features of the House of the Bull, and the reasons why in 1998 Audi and Volkswagen made the decision to take over Lamborghini.

At the time, the company was a small manufacturer of luxury cars, famous worldwide but looking for a boost. Now, after the arrival of the German company, its four-wheeled gems are still on the road and the technology adopted is still totally Italian, or better still from Emilia-Romagna.

“Since 1998 – explained Winkelmann - Audi has invested over 350 million euro in Lamborghini, including infrastructures, the development of new models, the renewal of lines and naturally human resources. We can now see the results of this investment: over the past four years Lamborghini has presented three new cars, the Gallardo, Murciélago and Murcièlago Roadster, and has increased from 297 cars sold in 2001 to 1,592 last year, with an exponential growth in revenue”.

But what is the added value of this area? “The recipe – continued Winkelmann – is quite simple and involves a mix of various factors: man, technology and the right spirit”. What makes the big difference are human resources: “At Sant’Agata Bolognese – he went on – a solid and competent team works, creating good dialogue with the parent company, and which can count on highly advanced technological know how”. What’s more, the spirit has always been based on the brand identity of Lamborghini: to sum up, “a real Italian spirit”, explained the Lamborghini president. And on the subject of territory, “Emilia-Romagna in particular, the region where we work, really has had a lot to offer. As well as the hundreds of Lamborghini employees – all living between 30 and 50 km from the main facilities of the “House of the Bull” – cooperation with the authorities of Bologna, Sant’Agata and other neighbouring communities has always been optimal, as is that with the trade unions. An aspect that has helped the company gain acclaim and respect, both in Italy and in the rest of the world”.



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