Blom Asa broadens its horizons with CGR of Parma

imgThe opportunities for significant expansion of the company’s area of action through the takeover of a company of excellence in the sector of aerial surveys, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These are the reasons that have led Blom Asa, the Norwegian group specialised in the collection and processing of geographical data, to invest in Emilia-Romagna with the 100% share takeover in 2005 of the company Compagnia Generale Riprese Aeree (CGR) of Parma.

Set up in 1968 in Parma by Licinio Ferretti, now the company’s honorary chairman, CGR deals mainly with territorial surveys, aerial photogrammetry, digital processing, the formation of maps and territorial information systems. The company also works through collaboration with their subsidiaries, the Compagnia Aeronautica Emiliana and Consorzio Compagnie Aeronautiche which deal mainly with technical assistance for aircraft and data processing.

“With the acquisition of CGR, a leading company in southern Europe, Blom can now be ranked as the company with the widest geographical coverage in Europe in the collection and processing of aerial data” explains a note by Blom Asa.
Thanks to CGR, Blom is expanding its range of activities to generate important synergies for the other group companies. The benefits of the merger were also illustrated by Giovanni Banchini, managing director of the company: “the internationalisation of the company and its subsidiaries has enabled the CGR group and over 150 highly specialised technical engineers working there to increase their strength in penetration of the European and world markets”.

The Blom Asa group employs over one thousand people worldwide, with subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Poland, as well as two production units in Romania and Indonesia. The two main company sections are the Geografic Information Division and Overseas Technologies. The first deals with the collection, processing and sales of high quality geographical data to public and private institutions. The second deals with underwater photogrammetry, underwater caves, and offshore anchoring systems.



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