Mantovani e Vicentini, with MiSwaco for drilling

imgThe turning point for Mantovani e Vicentini, founded in 1960 in the province of Ferrara to produce agricultural and environmental machinery, arrived in 1980 when it signed an agreement with Agip to supply equipment for oil well drilling support. The Ferrara-based company then decided to leave the agricultural sector to dedicate itself solely to the ecology market and in 1998 it caught the attention of MiSwaco, a multinational American petroleum drilling group, who then bought it out.

The growth opportunities provided by a hi-tech company and complementary production to its own. This sums up the reasons why MiSwaco went for the acquisition of this Emilia business, emphasizes Leonardo Vicentini, General Manager and Sales Manager of Mantovani e Vicentini: “We develop machines that complete MiSwaco’s product range” he explains. “In particular, it was a large machine used on mud drilling, a 500mm-diameter separator, that caught the eye of the American group”.

Today the Ferrara company employs about 40 people and envisages a 2006 turnover growth of 6,000,000 euros higher than the 20,000,000 it brought home last year. Its leading-edge products are devices for solid-liquid separating processes in materials generated by drilling and for controlling the solids produced by earth perforation.

An activity that slots in well with MiSwaco, headquartered in Houston, Texas, and a world leader in solids control and services inherent to perforation fluid. The groups has 8,000 employees and 70 branches worldwide. Last year it had a turnover of 3.2 billion dollars and its declared objective is to hit 5 billion in the next 18 months.



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