Otto Bock: prosthetic technology chooses the Bologna district


The birth and development of the orthopaedic sector in the bologna district, a department of excellence in the Italian health sector. This is the reason that led Otto Block, a leading German company in the area of orthopaedics and rehabilitation, to invest in Emilia-Romagna. Otto Bock, founded in 1918 in Berlin, Germany, is specialised in the production of prostheses of the lower and upper limbs, orthose, wheelchairs and posture systems. It is now present in 40 countries with a personnel of over 3,700.

"Right since the birth of orthopaedic technology in the early post-war years, Bologna and its district, thanks in particular to the presence of the Rizzoli Orthopaedics centres, has been host to what has now become the Italian core of orthopaedics" explained Alessandro Coppi, manager of Otto Bock Italia. "For this reason – Coppi continued - Otto Bock chose Bologna in 1968 to open its first branch in Italy. It then moved to Budrio in 1986 for reasons of logistics and opportunities, also due to the growth in the meantime of the Inail Prosthesis Centre of Vigorso, Budrio".

In Emilia-Romagna Otto Bock Italia employees amount to over 70 and, in addition to the production facilities, Budrio is also equipped with the Competence Centre, an area of over 1000 square metres set up by the company specifically for practical testing of the aids and informing patients of the technical features of the products, as well as training, refresher courses and seminars held for physiatrists, orthopaedics technicians and physiotherapists. Sponsor of the Paralympics, Otto Bock was also a major contributor to the Paralympics of Turin 2006.

Examples of the company’s top products are the “intelligent knee” and the “myoelectric hand”. Thanks to a special software, the intelligent knee can analyse the terrain and different gaits, automatically adjusting pace frequency as required. The myoelectric hand is controlled by sensors, which, interfaced with a special mechanism enable the user to grip objects, even small and fragile items, without any problem.



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