Why in Emilia-Romagna? For the optimal business fabric. The words of Tetra Pak


Forty years ago, Emilia-Romagna was the first stage in its world expansion strategy, chosen for the quality of the local business and social fabric. Tetra Pak can now boast three factories in the region and Tetra Pak Carta (in Rubiera, province of Reggio Emilia) produces 75% of the five billion containers produced annually in Italy.

The Rubiera facilities produce the Tetra Brik Aseptic containers for the packaging of long-life liquids, and Tetra Brik containers for fresh liquid products, amounting to a total capacity of over two billion litres per year. As well as Tetra Pak Carta, again located at Rubiera there is Tetra Pak Italiana spa, the company that deals with the financial, commercial and administrative management of the group in Italy. Not far away, Modena is host to the international facilities of Tetra Pak Carton Ambient, where the packaging machinery is designed and produced. In particular this site features a world centre of research and development, which depends directly on the Swedish mother company of the group.

The Italian branch of Tetra Pak was the first to be created outside the Swedish borders. “The management – explained Michele Mastrobuono, external relations and environment manager of Tetra Pak Italiana – had identified Emilia-Romagna as a Region with an extremely receptive and thriving business fabric, able to successfully promote the absolute innovation of the Tetra Pak food cartons”. There were various aspects that attracted the company to the Region “people’s values, invention, experience in the mechanical sector, and the dynamism of the local economy”, continued Mastrobuono.

And now the tradition of optimal relations with the area continues: The company, which has just celebrated its anniversary in Italy, made it together with the local community and institutions, “given that the basis of the Italian success of the group came from the value of the local business and
and social fabric” the manager went on to explain.
On the basis of the ties with the territory, Tetra Pak has just launched an ambitious project that will see Emilia-Romagna as a major role player, entitled Climate Programme. The initiative envisages the calculation of all CO2 emissions related to company operations. To compensate for pollution, Tetra Pak will choose renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, with the objective of reducing pollutant emissions by 10% within the year 2010.




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