Kemet acquires 100% of Arcotronics Itali


Bologna, November 21, 2007 - The American group Kemet Corporation , one of the world leaders in the production of condensers quoted on the Stock Exchange of New York (NYSE: KEM), has signed the agreement to purchase 100% of the Italian company Arcotronics , specialized for over 40 years in the production of the electronic condensers in plastic film used in transistor circuits. The seller is the Blue Sky Fund (Zb Zwirn), that took over the company two years ago.

The transaction, worth 116 million euro, was finally concluded in October, after the necessary approval of the German antitrust authority, and makes Kemet a group with almost a billion dollars in sales.

“This acquisition enables Arcotronics to valorize its strategic role to the utmost, through integration with one of the largest operators in Europe, America and Asia like Kemet” comments Gianpaolo Di Dio , Managing Director of Arcotronics.

The American industrial group - with about 700 million dollars turnover in 2006 and 600 million dollars of capitalization on the stock market - is one of the main operators in the sector of ceramic, aluminum, tantalum and, more recently, plastic film condensers, a segment in which it acquired the Finnish company Evox Rifa, fifty European producer of condensers, last February.

“The combination of the technology and products of Arcotronics with the global coverage of Kemet - continues Di Dio - will certainly bring important benefits to our company in terms of strengthening its trade relations in the U.S. and above all in Asia, where most of the market is now concentrated”.

The company is particularly proud of its production of passive electronic components, that accumulate and distribute energy through a system consisting of two armatures separated by an insulating layer (electric). It is the construction techniques that make the difference: the risk of any defective points is reduced to a minimum by the use, as insulation, of plastic film, thinner than resin impregnated paper and capable of resisting very high voltage. Among the main applications of continuous line blocks, formation of oscillating circuits in high frequency, motor starters, rephasing of power lines, suppression of interference, by-pass to the ends of a heating element.

Arcotronics originates in Emilia Romagna, in the Bologna area, with plants in Sasso Marconi, Vergato and Monghidoro, and had a turnover of 150 million euro in 2006, employing about 1,700 people including 1,000 in Italy, with an economic supply system of over 1,500 people. This is an important result for the company that, since its foundation, back in 1963, has expanded beyond the national borders into Germany, the UK, Bulgaria and China.



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