Renner Italia, Bologna host to innovation in wood coatings

imgRenner Italia of Minerbio, in the Bologna district, is the core of know-how, innovative skills and sales strategies of Renner Global Alliance, an alliance of various companies from Brazil, the USA and Turkey, operating in the sector of manufacture and distribution of special wood coatings. All thanks to painstaking research, with chemists working hard in the company laboratories, to ensure the highest quality of products. The turnover figures show it all: in 2004, the year in which the Italian facilities were opened, the annual turnover was 2.5 million euro, while in 2005 figures leapt to 14 million, increasing further in 2006 to 26 million euro. Forecasts expect to reach 32 million in 2007 and 60 in 2011.

“In just three years we have already reached production of 5%, equal to 7,600 tonnes, of Italian paint production” – explained the managing director of Renner Italia, Lindo Aldrovandi – “by mainly concentrating on innovation we have succeeded in offering quality products on the market. And as Emilia -Romagna we are entering a market mainly held by Lombardy groups”.

Renner Italia was set up thanks to the interest of two investors: Renner Sayerlack S.A (in Brazil) and the Cocchi family, who founded Sayerlack fifty years ago in the Bologna district, now a reference point for the Italian and European markets of wood coatings. From Sayerlack of Bologna the Brazilian offices were then set up, later merged with Tintas Renner to create Renner Sayerlack, the central pole that then chose to develop the Italian facilities in Bologna.

“Thanks to research and strong ongoing collaboration with companies in the area, such as manufacturers of wood coating plants, we can offer added value to a number of important Italian sectors, such as that of furniture” explained Aldrovandi.

Renner Italia recently opened a new factory (25 thousand square metres dedicated to research, production and distribution) again in Minerbio. High production standards and innovation remain the mainstays of the company, together with careful respect for the environment. In fact the company produces a special range of non-polluting water-based coatings, increasingly in demand in this sector.




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