Sca Packaging’s strategic Ferrara plant

imgFerrara , 12 th July 2007 - Why buy a factory in Ferrara ?
Sca is a Swedish multinational in the areas of forestry management and paper manufacturing for the graphic, hygiene, sanitation and packaging industries (the latter via its Sca Packaging division). Its Italian subsidiary, Sca Packaging Italia , bought the Ferrara plant of Cartotecnica Moderna srl back in 1996. The plant was acquired not only because Cartotecnica Moderna had over forty years of experience in the manufacture of stylish, practical and strong corrugated cardboard packaging, but also because Ferrara is a strategic node for distribution throughout Northern Italy.

“With a product like cardboard packaging,” explains Gianfranco Pierotti , manager of the Ferrara plant, “minimising the distance between production and delivery locations plays an extremely important role in reducing costs and boosting profits. In Ferrara we are only a short hop away from key accounts like Fini, Ducati, Polimeri Europa, Furla, Delphi , and Coswell.”

With a turnover of 8 million Euros a year and an output of 12 million square metres of packaging, the Ferrara factory makes a significant contribution to the business of Swedish multinational Sca, a colossus founded in 1929, and now active in 40 countries worldwide, accounting for a total annual turnover in excess of 8.5 billion Euros.

Protection of the environment is one of Sca's top priorities. The group owns 2.3 million hectares of productive forest but is also one of Europe 's biggest users of recycled paper . Sca Packaging products are manufactured in an optimised cost cycle making responsible use of raw materials in order to minimise environmental impact. The company's products incorporate balanced quantities of recycled and virgin pulp.

As a result of its dedication to environmental protection, in 2000 the Sca group was admitted to the DJSGI ¿ the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index ¿ the world's first index formulated to judge a company's environmental and social performance as well as its economic success.

In Emilia-Romagna , the group also owns the Sca Packaging Italia plant in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia), and a paper mill in Castelfranco Emilia which is integrated with another mill in Lucca . The group also has ties with the Gabo di Brescello box factory (also in the province of Reggio Emilia ).




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