Cape Natixis invests in Bologna's XTel

imgBologna, April 16, 2008 − Cape Natixis has decided to invest in software for the first time. The company it has picked is XTel, leader in the production of crm (customer relationship management) programs expressly developed for companies that operate in the sector of large-scale consumer goods.
Record performance and international attractiveness caught the attention of Cape Natixis Due (CN2) − composed of the Italian investment company Cape spa and the main French private equity operator Natixis (NPEI), of the Banque Populaire group − a closed fund specialized in investment in successful small and medium enterprises, that has invested 4.9 million euro in a majority shareholding in the share capital of XTel.

“We found the ideal partner in Cape, with consolidated experience in the support of the rapid development of small companies like ours" – comments Alessandro Bosi, Chairman of the company, based in the Emilia Romagna Region and founded in 1991 with Antonio Gambara − "and it will help XTel make the important dimensional adjustment to become a reference operator in crm at the global level”.

On the strength of its new financial resources, the company will launch a plan of development in Italy but, above all, will be able to expand more and more abroad, also through the acquisition of companies operating in complementary areas. The figures tell the whole story: 7 million euro turnover in 2007, up 15% over the previous year, and an Ebitda better than 45% of sales. A success that passes through the work of about fifty employees, all at the Centergross plant in Funo di Argelato, and is appreciated by clients like Coca Cola HBC, Unilever, Plasmon-Heinz, Parmalat, Gruppo Amadori and Artsana-Chicco.

"Benchmark solutions" in the sphere of crm for consumer goods on the southern European market, this is the concise opinion expressed by analysts at the Stamford Gartner Group research institute. The reasons for this success? Vertical specialization, knowledge of the sector's problems and consolidated experience in processes related to consumer goods has enabled the company to develop software solutions that optimize the effectiveness of marketing activities, the productivity of the sales network and customer relations. All foreseen by Sales Master One, a modular suite that enables companies to monitor activities in critical areas in the best possible way, including control of investments, planning sales volumes, management of agreements and promotions, automation of the sales force.

Marco Vismara, Managing Director of Cape Natixis, who guides the fund with Simone Cimino and Guido De Vecchi, is highly satisfied with this transaction: “XTel is an excellent example of how it is possible to develop technology and software successfully in Italy. We expect to provide an important contribution in approaching new clients, as well as in the process of internationalization and growth by acquisition, in view of a natural entrance on the stock market”.



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