Favonius Ventures Holdings chooses Nuova Fima automation

imgModena , January 22, 2008 - First it chose the ceramic sector, then in 2005 it purchased Nuova Fima . This is the strategy of Favonius Ventures Holdings , the Dutch investment fund with private capital, which has bought the company, with headquarters in Spezzano (Modena) specialized in the production and supply of automated systems for the decoration, sorting, packing and palletizing of ceramic tiles.

The decision to invest in the ceramic sector to build a group of companies with ambitious goals came first, and the fund found in Nuova Fima the characteristics it was looking for: an independent company, the right size, a lean managerial structure and financial solidity. The first step in the process of the creation of the group that now offers services in many countries in the world, was the purchase at the end of 2005 of Surface Inspection , the leading company on the market for systems of automatic inspection and quality control of ceramic tiles. The two companies, flanked by LGway for the development of laser-guided vehicles, apply common strategies and trade policies while maintaining their individual identity and independence of their product brands.

The operating income promptly took an upward trend, with a noticeable increase over the previous year: the turnover of Nuova Fima went from 28.2 million euro in 2005 to 31.7 million euro in 2006, and exceeded 40 million euro in 2007, for the first time aggregating also Surface Inspection. Without overlooking the investment in research and development , which last year reached a value of over 2 million euro : over 40 people, between Italy and England (two of the three branches of the group, the other is in Spain ) are engaged in design, which occupies more than 20% of the group's personnel.

Numbers like these are able to ensure the international importance of the company founded in 1977 in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna ceramic district: by applying group policies and integrating the services offered by the different companies to assist the other members, Nuova Fima has improved the quality and quantity of services offered in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Spain, South East Asia, Iran, Turkey, Germany and Russia .

The secret of Nuova Fima's growth is innovation , with important progress in the past year: among the most competitive products introduced on the market are the sorting machine Genusis 120 2, developed on the foundation of the Synthesis (the main product of Nuova Fima with over 700 installations in the world), for large sized tiles; the packing machine CPK T120 2, capable of meeting the most stringent technical requisites; the digital decoration system Gema, developed in cooperation with Jemtex using principles similar to those used by ink-jet printers.

“In the three year period from 2008 to 2011, in addition to further consolidating its position on the existing markets, Nuova Fima will concentrate its energies on three main goals” says the Managing Director Stefano Mele . “Improvement in terms of efficiency and earning capacity of all our internal and external processes, creation of closer cooperation with our clients to develop products with added value, and expansion at the level of services to all countries”.

With regard to services, Mele points out, among other things, the recent introduction of service with extended hours to ensure prompt response to queries received outside the normal working hours.




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