Cray Valley Italia: investing in chemistry while protecting the environment


Safety, environment and research are the strong points of Cray Valley Italia, a chemical firm that is a part of the French multinational company of the same name, which has its headquarters in Boretto (Reggio Emilia) and comprises a second ¿ and smaller ¿ plant in Ravenna. The firm produces water-based products (polymers, acrylics, vinyl, etc.) mainly geared to the textile, leather, paint, adhesives and ink industry, as well as gel-coats, fillers, detachers (in the Boretto plant) and polybutadiene (in the Ravenna plant).

Cray Valley has been located in Emilia-Romagna since 2001 further to the buyout of a plant that had been originally built in the 80’s by RP Italia and that had already raised the interest of other multinational companies such as Elf Atochem ¿ subsequently named ATOFINA ¿ that had taken it over in 1990. The company’s location in Emilia-Romagna offers added value since it enables easy access to logistics services and to several target markets ¿ explains General Manager Giulio Cocco. The company’s turnover in 2009 was EUR 113 million and the year’s production was 60thousand tons of water-based products. The Boretto firm - which has 104 employees - exports 45% of its production, though Northern and Central Italy represent a relevant market, too.

Cray Valley Italia has made a remarkable investment in environmental protection by undergoing the EMAS certification process, thus decreasing water consumption and the quantity of wash waters sent to internal treatment, and reducing odour emissions. The company has also installed a phyto-purification plant ¿ a particularly advanced equipment for chemical firms of that kind. The consequent adaptation of the production plants has successfully achieved socio-environmentally-respectful production processes ¿ and at the same time has improved work safety. Cray Valley Italia also invests in innovation: its R&D unit ¿ a team of 10 people, nearly 10% of the company’s staff ¿ has developed 6 innovative patent-protected products and is involved in several activities relevant to the production cycle.




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