The new Siemens Machine Tools Technology Application Centre in Piacenza


The Siemens TAC, opened on 11th February 2011, represents a new service to boost technological innovation in the Emilia-Romagna mechanical industry integrating the activity of the High Technology Network, notably the Musp Consortium, located in the same area. The Siemens TAC was born as a collaboration between the German multinational company and Samu, a local company, but it also involves and benefits from the competence of 13 more companies, including the Bologna-based Manibo.

The TAC provides cutting edge technical support to machine tool companies, notably milling and turning ones. It is preferentially addressed to the Siemens partners but it will be available to other machine tool manufacturers, users and sellers, who will have the opportunity to field test new production systems. The TAC, which stands on an 800 square metre area, can reproduce an entire production cycle and is equipped with all the tools necessary to design and produce pieces and monitor production through ICT-based data management technologies.

Through this investment Siemens will consolidate their presence in Italy. Besides using and promoting cutting edge technologies the TAC will also provide training courses (on both theoretical aspects and practical activity) to create specialised professionals in the field. The TAC is based in a strategic location, near the Piacenza ring-road and motorway, easy to reach from the other cities of Emilia-Romagna and from the nearby regions.

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