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The Emilia-Romagna public research system employs more than 10 thousand in R&D activities (Istat, 2012). Most of the laboratories and innovation centres belong to the regional High Technology Network, created with the aim of performing research capable of addressing the need for innovation expressed by companies, thus increasing their competitiveness. The Network is organised into 6 Thematic Platforms: Agro-food, Construction, Energy and Environment, ICT and Design, Life Science, Mechanics and Materials.

The Thematic Platforms of the Network are integrated in the “Clust-ER” Associations, communities of public and private bodies (research centres, businesses, training bodies) that share ideas, skills, tools, and resources to support the competitiveness of the most important production systems in Emilia-Romagna. In the “Clust-ER”, research laboratories and centres for innovation belonging to the High Technology Network team up with the business system and the higher education system.

Start Up

The High Technology Network is coordinated by ASTER, a consortium comprising the Regional Administration, the universities, research centres and entrepreneurial associations. ASTER acts as an agency for technological transfer.The website is:

The National Research Centre (CNR) and the National Agency for Energy and the Environment (ENEA) have a large number of laboratories in the region. Universities also make a major contribution with researchers working in technical/scientific fields.

Other institutes present in the region include: National Institute for Nuclear Physics,  National Institute for Astrophysics, National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology and CINECA - a non profit Consortium, comprising 70 Italian universities, 4 Italian Research Institutions and the Italian Ministry of Education which is the largest Italian computing centre and one of the most important worldwide.



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