Open days: from 9 to 12 october in Brussels


Bologna, 3 October 2006 – Ervet, as Territorial Development Agency, will be networking and building partnerships on a European level at this third edition of Open Days, which will see the participation of over 2,000 local actors, 135 European regions and cities involved in the organisation, and 115 events, including workshops, seminars and conferences.
Emilia-Romagna Valorizzazione economica territorio SpA  will be located at the "Investors Café", the new feature and heart of the 2006 edition of Open Days, and a meeting place for Regions, Local Authorities and investors for dialogue, relationship building and networking. Ervet is a participant in the programme and events organised by the Lisbon Regions network, of which the Emilia-Romagna Region is a partner, together with Helsinki, Randstad, Riga, Stuttgart, Stockholm, Valencia, and West Midlands.





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