Chilean trade mission in Bologna on 24th April 2007

Bologna, 30th March 2007 - ProChile, the Chilean government agency with the task of supporting the international trade relations of Chilean enterprises, has organised a trade mission that will be in Bologna on the 24th April 2007.

The Chilean companies are interested in meeting firms from Emilia-Romagna capable of providing services and products in possible partnerships in the following areas:
- electrical equipment, electric and electronic motors and internal combustion engines
- motor vehicles, lorries, heavy vehicles and cranes
- aluminium processing plant and equipment and aluminium paints
- electrical and electronic systems, automated instrumentation and control and industrial process control software,
- electronic components
- computer controlled glass and crystal cutting machines and glass thermal panel manufacturing machinery
- windows and applications for PVC construction
- office and kitchen furniture, furniture edge-veneer machinery
- lever systems, hydraulic presses and welding equipment
- haulage and logistics companies and suppliers of lorry spare parts
- vehicles converted for damage and accident recovery work (lorry-mounted lever cranes)
- systems, installations and technologies for the monitoring and tracking of lorries and other vehicles on motorways (GPS technology and software)
- applied mining exploration, surveying, satellite positioning, topographical and geomeasurement software
- new technologies (systems, management software, services, management instruments) for civil works, construction and industrial engineering

Business-to-business meetings between the visiting companies and prospective Emilia-Romagna partners will be organised in the Royal Hotel Carlton, Bologna.

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