Conference on “Guidelines of development for logistics and intermodal centers in Europe”

Bologna October 19, 2007 - The appointment is at the Chamber of Commerce in Bologna (Palazzo degli Affari, piazza Costituzione 8) and the date is Friday October 19, to discuss the potential of interports to develop efficient logistics functions within a system of transportation integrated with the ports facilities. It will be an interesting opportunity for reflection by all the operators and institutional partners of the interports, including local government offices and the chambers of commerce.

Infrastructural networks in support of intermodal development are a decisive factor in creating areas of integrated logistics . Innovative logistics solutions require structures in which it is possible to achieve processes of integration among different modes of transportation and organize an offering of services with added value. The interports contribute to the efficiency of the different modes of transport through reduction of the vehicles in circulation, modernization of railways and navigable waterways, the integration of air transport in the global logistics system, innovative practices of distribution in urban centers.

On the occasion of the meeting, a study will be presented entitled “ Guidelines of development for logistics and intermodal centers in Europe ”. The study was carried out by Uniontrasporti, which investigated the current status of logistics structures with a view to establishing possible guidelines for development, highlighting the critical aspects and prospects of Italian districts in relation to other districts of Europe .

The initiative is promoted by Uniontrasporti , a company within the Chamber of Commerce system that supports the development of the transportation and logistics system and infrastructures, and by the Interport of Bologna .




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