Final seminar for enercy'regio

Research Area of Bologna, via Gobetti 101, Bologna, December 20, 2007

A meeting to present the results attained and the actions carried out in Emilia-Romagna by the enercy'regio program, that has implemented a number of transregional cooperation projects in the last three years, with the aim of increasing energy efficiency, saving energy and using renewable energy sources in the sphere of sustainable local development.

From programs for the qualification of government employees to the promotion of energy savings and the use of renewable energy by the municipalities; from networks of technological transfer for eco-innovation in the energy field to systems of quality management and certification for energy efficient municipalities. And also: energy efficiency networks for small and medium municipalities, instruments for measuring the energy performance of public buildings, measures for environmental education. These are a few examples of the instruments developed by enercy'regio in Emilia-Romagna.

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