Incoming mission by a delegation from Krasnodar Region

On the 18th and 19th May, 2007 an official and business delegation from the Russian region of Krasnodar will be visiting Emilia-Romagna. It will be headed by Governor Aleksander Tkachev. The delegation also includes top officials of the regional departments engaged in promoting the economic activities of Krasnodar overseas, support for incoming and outgoing investments and heads of department of various economic sectors, such as transport and telecommunications, agriculture, power and fuels, grape-growing and fruit production.

For companies in the Emilia-Romagna Region it is an interesting possibility to meet the representatives of a Russian region that is one of the most highly-industrialized regions and that has ever-increasing growth potentials.

In fact, Krasnodar Region is among the Russian regions that are undergoing the most dynamic development. The region’s economic potential is represented by the following sectors: agriculture, food industry, transport, tourism and culture.
The main factors helping towards the economic growth of the Krasnodar region are:
- effective development strategies drawn up by the region;
- expansion of infrastructure and transport;
- new laws directed towards business development;
- deposits of over sixty types of raw materials, including oil and methane gas, building materials, valuable timber;
- excellent introduction to commercial markets;
- skilled labor.

For the volume of foreign investments obtained, today Krasnodar Region is one of the leading regions in Russia.
In the last three years, investments of over 7 billion Euros have been made and, in 2005 alone, almost 2.6 billion Euros were made just in the economy of Kuban’, that because of its potential is in 9th place among the regions of the Russian Federation and in 1st place in the Federal District of the South.

According to the estimates of experts, over the next 5 years the economy of Krasnodar Region will be ready to receive investments for a total of 43 billion dollars.

For further information and applications to meet members of the Krasnodar delegation, please contact Dr. Matteo Setti at one of the following: tel 051.6396208 , fax 051.6396512, e-mail: 

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