A network in the Mediterranean area for the soft-landing of foreign companies

Accelmed project

March 24, 2015 – On March 24, it has been presented in Bruxelles the network of softlanding services created within the Accelmed project - Acceleration for Mediterranean Companies, financed by the MED European Programme. The network include operators that support foreign innovative companies that are willing to invest in their territory. Emilia-Romagna region is represented by two agencies, ERVET and ASTER (that has been also partner in the project). The first one is focused on foreign investment promotion while the second supports regional research and innovation.

The other partners in the network are: Barcelona Activa, (also leader partner of the project), the BIC (Business Innovation Centre) of Attika, the Technology Park Ljubljana, PROMOS Agency of the Milan Chambers of Commerce, ANIMA investment network supporting the development of the MED area. The ACCELMED partnership has created a common portfolio containing all the business landing services available in their territories. Any company or entrepreneur wishing to set-up in the partner territories will have direct access to a set of services that will assure a soft landing

The ACCELMED project has been concluded at the end of 2014. The network has been presented in an international capitalization event of the MED programme, “The Med capitalization: contributing to a stronger Europe”, held in Bruxelles.



Crosslanding / softlanding portfolio of services to facilitate soft business landing in Mediterranean countries: http://www.accelmed.eu/sites/www.accelmed.eu/files/events/Crosslanding%20portfolio_0.pdf






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