La Bunge investe 50 milioni su Ravenna


10/11/2015 - The American group Bunge operates oilseed processing, refining and bottling. In Italy, headquarters and production facilities are in Porto Corsini, in Ravenna, where industrial operations are integrated with the Novaol biodiesel plant, which is supplied by refined oils such as soybean and rapeseed.

In September 2015, Bunge announced a new investment of 50 million euro in the Ravenna plant, where 200 persons are employed, including the personnel of Novaol. The investment project shows the will to strengthen the presence in the agro-industrial market, increasing the production capability, especially for the stage of pressing seeds. The company foresees a positive employment impact in the mid-long term.

The investment has a strategic location with respect to the Ravenna Port, that is a very important hub for the supply of raw material for the Bunge’s plants. Ravenna port, is the most important in the region and is the leader nationwide for raw materials movement in the ceramics, cereals, fertilizers and flour-based products sectors.
(Source:, Ravenna Today, Resto del Carlino)




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