A top regional healthcare system in the healthiest country

Danfoss17/12/2015 -  According to Bloomberg Ranking, Italy is the second healthiest country on the planet and the first in Europe. Other regional index show that the quality of health services in Emilia-Romagna is at the top at national and European level.

According to Bloomberg Rankings’ analysis of global health, Italy is the second healthiest country on the planet and the first in Europe. To identify the healthiest countries in the world, Bloomberg Rankings created health scores and health-risk scores for countries with populations of at least one million.



Italy is also the third country in the world (after Singapore and Hong Kong), with the most efficient health care. The ranking, also elaborated by Bloomberg, evaluates health care costs as a share of GDP and per capita, as well as life expectancy and improvements from last year.


Bloomberg results are in line with World Health Organization report:  life expetancy in Italy is 83 years,  in 2013, a figure much higher than the value showed on global level  (71) , but also higher than the overall European region life expetancy  (76) and of the High Income Countries (79).  Life expetancy in Italy has increased from  77 years old in 1990 to 83 in 2013.
“Health is wealth” and Emilia-Romagna ranks first in Italy and third in Europe for the quality of its health services, after Holland and Switzerland (Source: Fond. Economica Rosselli, 2014). Moreover, Emilia Romagna healthcare system has one of the highest attractiveness index (source: Istat, 2012, the index measures the relation between patients from other regions and residents that choose hospitals outside the region). Essential Levels of Care (LEA) in Emilia-Romagna are the highest among the Italian regions in the period 2009-12.


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