Emilia-Romagna wins European Broadband Award 2016

Emilia-Romagna wins European Broadband Award 2016

14.11.2016 - Net4all project by Lepida (a private network owned by public administrations) has been awarded in the category “Cost reduction and co-investment” of the European Broadband Award 2016. It brings UBB (Ultra-Broadband infrastructure) to industrial areas in digital divide, serving public administration and private enterprises. Net4all project  is based on reuse of existing passive public infrastructure and a public private partnership (co-investing enterprises) to build new networks.

The model is already applied in 12 industrial areas and 90 enterprises. According to the European Commission, it is a successful example of public and private investment collaboration bringing revenue and value and resulting in an open network and a strong economic business model.


Lepida Network: http://www.lepida.it/en

European Broadband Award 2016: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/winners-european-broadband-awards-2016





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