Philip Morris plant in Crespellano activated ahead of schedule


24/03/2016 – After the tests in the training center in Zola Predosa, the production lines of iQos - a cigarette that heats tobacco instead of burning it - have been activated in the industrial plant in Crespellano, in the province of Bologna. The plant, where 80 persons are already employed, has been completed ahead of schedule in December 2015,  as stated by the President of Philip Morris Italy, Eugenio Sidoli, that highlights the advantages of Bologna as investment area: good logistics, efficient public administration, advanced  industrial  framework.

Philip Morris International (PMI) announced in 2014 a 500 million Euros greenfield investment in Bologna. Once the facility in Crespellano will be fully operational, it will employ up to 600 people.

Source: Il Resto Del Carlino, Corriere Di Bologna – 15/03/2016






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