Regional exports continue to increase

28/04/2016 - In 2015 exports from regional businesses amounted to more than 55 billion euro, with an increase of 4.4% with respect to 2014, a trend more positive than the national average (+3.8%).


Regional medium-high technology industries play a key role in foreign trade, representing 52.7% of the total regional export (28.5 billion euro, 16.8% of the national total with the same technological level).

Some specific sectors have a high share of exports at national level. Exports of regional tiles and ceramics are worth more than 90% of the national total. Regional exports of ‘meat and meat-based products’ amount to about 38% of the national total. Also, more than one fourth of Italian exports of ‘agricultural machinery’ (27.3%) and ‘other general purpose machinery’ (29.3%) and one fifth of ‘wearing apparel, except fur apparel’ (19.8%) and ‘tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings’ (21.2%) come from Emilia-Romagna.

Other sectors show a very positive trend: computer and electronic equipment (+19%), pharmaceutical products (+23.5%), food products (+6.4%) and transport vehicles (+7.9%).

Regional exports to USA show a high increase in 2015 (+19.3%). Among the main European country of destination, higher growth is shown by the exports to UK (+11.5%), Spain (+11.9%), Poland (+8.1%) and Netherlands (+8.5%).


(Istat-Coeweb data elaborated by ERVET)



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