Emilia-Romagna to host the European data centre for weather forecasts (ECMWF)


1/3/2017  - The center moves from Reading (London) to Bologna, that has beat competition from other European cities, becoming a cutting-edge technological and scientific hub for climate change over the next decades.

Bologna will host the data center of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), an intergovernmental organisation supported by 34 states which provides medium-term weather and climate forecasts, as well as strategic information for both civil use (from aeronautics to geological protection) and national defense.

The Center is currently based in Reading (London) and  employs around 300 staff from more than 30 countries but is no longer able to host and elaborate the huge amount of data. Proposals to host the Center came from three UK cities, Luxembourg, Finland’s Espoo and Iceland’s Akureyri. Following the recommendation of its Evaluation Panel, the Italian proposal has been considered the best from the point of view of the requirements and the overall interests of ECMWF. The Italian proposal comes from the Emilia-Romagna Region and would see the future ECMWF data centre located in the ‘Tecnopolo di Bologna’.

The Center will be located at the former Manifattura Tabacchi (Tobacco Manufacturing) factory in Bologna, a 9,000-square meter site which could be further expanded. The important international investment will help make Bologna a technological and scientific hub for climate change over the next decades.
Bologna was selected because it provides “high-level services and logistics infrastructures” at the Technopole of Bologna, which will host the Weather Center and offer “important opportunities of technical and scientific synergies” with other research and data centers, such as Cineca, CMCC, CNR, ENEA, High Technology Network, etc.




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