New call to enter into “Agreements for the Settlement and Development of Enterprises”

Nuovo bando per gli Accordi Regionali per l’Insediamento e lo Sviluppo 25/07/2017 - The regional law 14/2014 for the promotion of investments, provides direct support to companies committed to invest in Emilia-Romagna or to expand their activity in the region. The second call to enter into Settlement and Development Agreements has been approved the 14th of July 2017 (Regional Government resolution n. 1071/2017). The deadline for the applications is the 30th of September 2017.

The “Agreement for the Settlement and Development of Enterprises” aims at supporting investment not only through financial incentive but also facilitating the relation with institutions, local bodies and stakeholders. The agreement has to be signed by the Regional government, the investor (single company or grouping), local bodies and other stakeholders involved in the investment and will include the commitments made by each participant. The Regional government will coordinate all institutions in order to ensure rapid and effective procedures.

The objective of the call is to support investment programmes of regional interest that:

  • increase the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the regional value chains;
  • are integrated with the regional research and training system;
  • have a significant qualitative and quantitative impact on employment;
  • generate benefits for the territory in terms of economic impact and environmental and social sustainability.

The Agreement is open to companies that produce goods and services, that are non yet active in the region (and intend to invest in Emilia-Romagna) or are already present in the region (with at least one local unit). This call focuses on investments related to Industry 4.0 in the following fields of activity: Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality.

The maximum amount of aid for each approved investment programme will be:

  • 1.5 million euro for investment programmes hiring from 20 to 49 additional employees
  • 4 million euro for investment programmes hiring from 50 to 149 additional employees
  • 7 million euro for investment programmes with at least 150 additional employees

Categories of aid provided by the call are the following:

  • Research facilities – this category is mandatory to be eligible for the Call
  • R&D - Research and development
  • Training project and hiring and employment of disadvantaged and disabled workers
  • Energy protection: energy efficiency, co-generation in energy production from renewable sources, recycling and reuse of waste

The available resources for this call amount to 8 million Euro. Category of aid related to traning and disadvantaged/disabled workers will be financed with additional resources.The selection procedures of investment programmes implies an assessment process. Phase 1 seek to determine: strategic value of the programme, impact on employment and competitiveness, consistency of the general strategy for action and compatibility with local development plans. Phase 2 implies the assessment of each detailed action and result and leads to the definition of the Agreement.

The investment programme has to start not later than 3 months after the subscription of the Agreement. The expenses will be eligible from the 1st of January 2018. The investment has to be completed by 36 months after the subscription of the agreement and has to be kept in the regional territory for at least 5 years.

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