Emilia-Romagna Region at “EXPO 2017 Astana Future Energy”

Nuovo bando per gli Accordi Regionali per l’Insediamento e lo Sviluppo 04/08/2017 - Emilia-Romagna Regional Week at Expo 2017 will be held from the 3rd to the 7th of September in the Italian Pavillon. The main event will be the Sustainability Forum, comprising 4 workshops focusing on Green Economy issues, with the active participation of regional and national institutions and companies.



The 4 workshops are:

  • Transition towards a Low Carbon Economy: Scenarios and Technologies (03/09/2017)
  • Circular Economy: Technologies and Applications for Sustainable Energy through Recovery of Materials (05/09/2017)
  • Offshore facilities and exploitation of renewable energy sources: solutions, technologies, experiences (05/09/2017)
  • Energy for Transport: Systems for Sustainable Mobility (06/09/2017)

More information and event registration available on the website: http://www.sustainabilityforum.it
Contact: phone +39 051 6450412 - e-mail: info@sustainabilityforum.it
Invest in Green Economy in Emilia-Romagna: http://www.investinemiliaromagna.eu/en/Emilia_Romagna_Region/Key_sectors/download/Invest-in-Green-Economy-in-ER.pdf











Strumenti personali

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