Agreements for Settlement and Development of Enterprises: results of the calls

  17.11.2017 – The regional law 14/2014 for the promotion of the investments is achieving relevant results. 13 investments financed with the first call are being implemented, 13 investment programmes have been approved, providing the creation of 967 new jobs - 605 graduated of which about 300 researchers - and further 237 existing jobs absorbed by redirections of production. The Regional Government will provide 40.9 million Euro of incentives while the total amount of the investments is 521.8 million Euro.

The second call to enter into regional Agreements for Settlement and Development of Enterprise focused on Industry 4.0 closed at the end of September 2017. The approved investments of the first phase of the selection procedure will be soon published.
As concerns the first call, the locations of the investments cover most of the regional provinces, with higher concentration in Bologna, followed by Modena and Reggio Emilia, and one intervention for each of the provinces in Ferrara, Parma and Forlì-Cesena. The presented investment programmes are divided in the following types: 3 with at least 150 additional employees (Lamborghini, Ynap e Teko Telecom), 4 with high strategic and innovative value (Ducati, Avl, B.Braun Avitum e Elettric 80), 4 for the creation of R&D centres (Ima, HPE High Performance Engineering, Ecor Research e Irst Irccs) and 2 for redirection of production (Seci e Fox).

The procedure has considered several evaluation criteria, among which the consistency with the key sectors identified by the Region's Smart Specialization Strategy (S3). Most of the projects are in the sectors of Mechatronics and Automotive: Ima aims at developing Smart Manufacturing Technologies, Lamborghini is committed to produce a new SUV model, Ducati is creating new motorcycles with advanced technological standards, AVL and HPE intend to open specialized centres to collaborate with the top companies of the regional motor valley, Elettric80 is oriented towards a new generation of systems in automating plant processes. Other investments are in the Agrofood, Health, Construction and ICT sectors: SECI with the production of bioproducts, Ecor Research developing machinery for processing and packaging of food and medicines, Braun Avitum with biomedical technologies, instruments and skills, Yoox-Ynap developing new highly strategic big data services, Teko Telecom producing antennas for mobile radio communication systems, Fox with thermic appliances, IRST IRCCS with innovative oncologic therapies and automated systems design for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals.


Table – Results of the 1st Call of the selection procedure to enter into Agreements for Settlement and Development of Enterprises (ARIS). Amounts in Euro.


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