Attraction of new investments in Emilia-Romagna in Industry 4.0.

  28.11.2017 - Emilia-Romagna Region has published the results of the first phase of the selection procedure of the call closed in September 2017 aimed to the “Attraction of Investments in Advanced Sectors of Industry 4.0” through Regional Agreements for Settlement and Development of Enterprises. The Agreements are part of the “Regional Law for the Promotion of Investments in Emilia-Romagna n.14/2014”. 6 companies admitted to the second phase presented investment programmes with a total amount of more than 42 million Euro that will be co-financed by regional incentives when approved also in the second phase of the procedure. The applied investments have an impact of about 270 additional employees. In compliance with the Call, each proposed programme includes investments in R&D infrastructures that will be open also to third parties.

Among the investors there are regional top companies, foreign groups and an innovative start-up. Eon Reality from California wants to establish an Interactive Digital Center in Bologna for the development of applications related to Virtual and Augmented Reality. Ibm Italia, part of the global group from USA, intends to start a research center in Bologna on active artificial intelligence. Aetna Group, operating in the packaging sector in the provinces of Bologna and Rimini, plans to open a “Techlab 4.0” for R&D and training. In Faenza (Ravenna), Bucci Automations wants to open a research centre with services for industrial automation related to “IoT Internet of Things”. Sacmi - manufacturer in Imola of machineries for packaging, ceramics and food & beverage - also wants to open a R&D centre on the application of IoT. Energy Way, innovative start-up located in Modena, intends to invest on a research centre for big data analysis applied to industry and economics.

First call (2016)
As concerns the first call to enter into regional Agreements for Settlement and Development of Enterprises, relevant results have been achieved. 13 investments financed are being implemented, providing the creation of 967 new jobs - 605 graduated of which about 300 researchers - and further 237 existing jobs absorbed by redirections of production. The Regional Government will provide 40.9 million Euro of incentives while the total amount of the investments is 521.8 million Euro. The presented investment programmes are divided in the following types: 3 with at least 150 additional employees (Lamborghini, Ynap e Teko Telecom), 4 with high strategic and innovative value (Ducati, Avl, B.Braun Avitum e Elettric 80), 4 for the creation of R&D centres (Ima, HPE High Performance Engineering, Ecor Research e Irst Irccs) and 2 for redirection of production (Seci e Fox).



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