YNAP, new investment and 500 additional jobs

  11/12/2017 – Emilia-Romagna continues to attract large-scale investments. After Lamborghini, the YOOX NET-A-PORTER group (YNAP) is starting now an investment supported by a Development Agreement that will be signed by the National Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), Invitalia (National Agency for Investment Attraction) and Emilia-Romagna Regional Government. The Agreement provides incentives of 28 million euro, financed by the MISE, for a total investment of 210 million euro that will create about 500 additional jobs in province of Bologna.

YNAP is a global leader in the luxury fashion e-commerce. The Agreement is related to investments in logistics, strengthening of the technological platform, activities in industrial research and experimental development, Big Data and omni-channel offer for off-line and online integration for the main fashion and luxury brands. The investment is located in the Bologna Freight Village (Interporto Bologna) in the municipality of Bentivoglio, and in Zola Predosa.

The national incentive is complementary to the one provided by the Regional Law 14/2014 for the “Promotion of investments in Emilia-Romagna” that is financing 4 million euro to YNAP, on 30 million of total investments, through the Agreement for the Settlement and Development of Enterprises.

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