Reshoring in Emilia-Romagna

16/01/2017 - A report elaborated by a group of universities (Uni-CLUB MoRe) in December 2016, ranks Emilia-Romagna as the second region in Italy for number of companies bringing back productions sites previously moved abroad.

The so-called phenomenon of “reshoring” numbered 21 cases for 13 companies in Emilia-Romagna, on a total of 121 cases at national level. Among the regional companies, there are: Giesse, Beghelli, Wayel, Piquadro, Argo Tractors and Turolla. Main sectors are mechanical engineering and fashion.

Most of the relocations are from China (8 cases), followed by West and East Europe. Main reasons of the regional relocations are the “made in Italy” effect and the proximity to the customers, confirming the importance of the local supply and value chain.

Source: “Il fenomeno della rilocalizzazione produttiva («Reshoring»)” Uni-CLUB MoRe





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