Industry 4.0 in Emilia-Romagna: Eon Reality from California

Ervet - città di bologna  30/05/2018 - New Interactive Digital Center of Eon Reality – company headquartered in California - settles in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), in the “Tecnocentro Worklife”. Eon Reality develops software and digital platforms and contents and applications related to the virtual and augmented reality (AVR). The total amount of the investment is 24 million euro (of which 6.3 million euro financed by the Regional Government), with 160 new employees (of which 128 graduated) and several thousands of new indirect jobs, ensuring competitive advantages for the local companies. A relevant aspect of the investment is the Entrepreneur School aimed at developing skilled workforce in the AVR area.

The investment has been supported by the call focused on Industry 4.0 of the Regional Agreements for the Settlement and Development of Enterprises, provided by the Regional Law for the Promotion of the investments (14/2014). The investment has been presented the 30th of May in Bologna










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