Industry 4.0: BI-REX in Bologna among the top national “Competence Centers”

Ervet - città di bologna  04/06/2018 - The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has published the results of the first phase of selection concerning “Competence Centers” that will be financed by the Industry 4.0 National Plan. The project “Bi-Rex - Big Data Innovation and research Excellence” lead by the University “Alma Mater” of Bologna ranked third on a total of 8 selected projects.

The regional Competence Center will support companies, in particular SMEs, providing training and assistance on Industry 4.0. The University of Bologna is leading a group of 61 stakeholders, including five regional universities (Bologna, Cattolica, Ferrara, Modena-Reggio, Parma), organizations part of the regional research system (Cineca, Cnr, Aster, Rizzoli, Infn, etc.) and 49 private entities.

The second phase of the call will concern negotiation on timing and realization of the Center.









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