CMG (China Merchants Group) invests in Ravenna

CMG (China Mechant Group) invests in Ravenna 20/6/2018 - The Chinese group CMG - operating in off-shore platforms and shipyards sector - chooses Emilia-Romagna for its European location with the company Cmit- China Merchants Industries Technology Europe Ltd.

Ravenna has been considered the best location especially for its skills, thanks also to a boating cluster already well developed. Moreover, CMIT will collaborate with the University of Bologna. 24 engineers have been already hired, from the staff of the company Comart, now in liquidation. CMIT plans to hire 100 employees by the next year. The investment amounts to 10 million euros so far, but plans are still in progress.

The China Merchants Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and is one of the most profitable companies in China, with a turnover of 78 billion Euro.









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