Agreements for Settlement and Development of Enterprises: results of the 2nd call on Industry 4.0

The Regional Law 14/2014 for the Promotion of the Investments achieves relevant results also with the second call to enter into regional Agreements for Settlement and Development of Enterprise, related to Industry 4.0:

  • 5 investment programmes in research centres have been approved after the second and last evaluation phase (Regional resolution n.1277/2018),
  • 257 new jobs (of which 218 graduates) have been created,
  • 38.3 million euro of total amount of the investments,
  • 11.6 million euro of incentives has been provided by the Regional Government,
  • investments related to Industry 4.0 areas: the call focused on R&D centres in Augmented Virtual Reality, Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence; these centres will be available also for third parties.


Among the investors there are regional top companies, foreign groups and an innovative start-up:

  • Eon Reality from California establishes an Interactive Digital Center in Bologna for the development of applications related to Virtual and Augmented Reality;
  • Ibm Italia, part of the global group from USA, starts a research center in Bologna on active Artificial Intelligence;
  • Aetna Group, operating in the packaging sector in the provinces of Bologna and Rimini, opens a “Techlab 4.0” for R&D and training;
  • Sacmi - manufacturer in Imola of machineries for packaging, ceramics and food & beverage - also opens a R&D centre on the application of IoT-Internet of Things; 
  • Energy Way, innovative start-up located in Modena, invests on a research centre for big data analysis applied to industry and economics.


The following table shows the details of each investment programme:



  • 1,456 jobs have been created by the regional law for the Promotion of Investments (L.r. 14/2014)  so far with the first and second call (2016-2017)





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