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New call to attract innovative investments in Emilia-Romagna02/04/2019 - L’Emilia-Romagna incontra i giornalisti internazionali presentando risultati e nuove opportunità per l’attrazione di investimenti, in particolare in industria 4.0 e nei Big Data

Emilia-Romagna President Stefano Bonaccini meets with international journalists along with top management of international companies such as Philip Morris, Eon Reality and AVL, that chose the Region to invest in new production facilities and jobs.


Emilia-Romagna meets international press in Milano

New call to attract innovative investments in Emilia-Romagna


The Region ranks first in Italy in terms of GDP growth and job creation, thanks to an anti-cyclical policy that resulted in €20 billion in investments over the past four years from regional, national and EU funds.
Moreover, the Region is offering €35 million in financial support to companies with projects based on research and development and stable job creation. The previous two rounds of this incentive program resulted in €52 million in funding creating 1,400 new jobs.
The long term planning ability is evident in the Big Data and artificial intelligence Technopole in Bologna, which calls for a total investment that could reach €360 million: €100 million to build the infrastructure supporting the Technopole; €100 million in 2019 to support industrial research and advanced training; and €35 million for the above-mentioned incentives. A further €125 million could be added to host a super computer at the Bologna Technopole that would catapult Emilia-Romagna’s world ranking in terms of computing capacity from nineteenth place to fifth, positioning it as a European computing platform and an international digital hub.
The event - held at the Foreign Press Association in Milan - has been moderated by Jennifer Clark, with the participation of the following speakers:

  • Stefano Bonaccini, President Regione Emilia-Romagna
  • Alessandra Lanza, Senior Partner Prometeia
  • Eugenio Sidoli, AD Philip Morris Italia
  • Nicola Poleschi, Managing Director EON Reality Italia
  • Dino Brancale, Managing Director AVL Italia
  • Marta Testi, Borsa Italiana, Head of ELITE Italy & Europe


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