JMA WIRELESS developed innovative network product at Bologna R&D lab

FEV12/07/2019 - US mobile connectivity company JMA Wireless unveiled its new 5G “in-building” network solution at its Italian R&D facility near Bologna, marking a milestone that paves the way for formal testing with mobile operators. This 5G millimeter-wave product is specifically designed to provide 5G connections in large buildings, companies and factory applications and was developed in cooperation between R&D centers located in Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna, Italy) and Dallas (Texas).

“This is the first solution in the world that uses 5G millimeter waves for wireless connections inside highly-crowded buildings such as factories, stadiums, shopping centers and trade fairs” said Remo Ricci, CEO of JMA Teko, a unit of JMA. “This new technology will have a positive impact particularly in the manufacturing sector, for example in data transmission to robots, and will guarantee a clear and powerful 5G signal.”

JMA is one of the 35 innovative investment programs that have picked Emilia-Romagna taking advantage of funds made available by the Regional Government through the Law for the Promotion of the Investments (R.L. 14/2014). The Region has invested €74 million since 2016, helping to create over1,700 new jobs, reintegrating further 237 existing jobs. JMA Teko invested €22.4 million in its facility at Castel San Pietro Terme near Bologna, with a contribution from the Region of nearly €2.3 million. It currently employs 194 people, 92 of them with advanced degrees (from the University of Bologna in particular). The company plans to increase staff to 260 people by 2020. It aims to build a 10,000-square meter factory nearby with a business unit dedicated to creating and selling cellular network products.

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