Emilia-Romagna attracts new investments: 25 projects with 733 jobs created


4/01/2022 – The results of the fifth call for tenders have been approved for the signing of regional Agreements for the Settlement and Development of Enterprises, the policy instrument provided by the Regional Law for the Promotion of Investments (R.L. 14/2014).



25 new investments - presented by 19 companies - have been approved by the last call, providing 733 new jobs (of which 399 graduated) with a grant from the Region of about 31.5 million euros on a total amount of 77 million euro of investments. The financed companies are: Silk-Faw Automotive Group Italy, E80 Group, Motori Minarelli, Gaiotto Automation, Unitec, Rei Lab, Ocme, Eurosets, Expert.Ai, Qura, Ems Group, Ammagamma, Graf Synergy, Gvs, Cooltech, Doxee, Ibf Servizi, Injenia, Life Elettronica.
Investments show connections with regional specializations, in particular: big data and artificial intelligence which represent a transversal component with respect to many projects; sustainable mobility mainly linked to electric vehicles and technologies to optimize logistics; agrifood with a focus on agriculture 4.0, waste reduction and product enhancement; biomedical, in particular with medical devices to support circulation and sensors for blood treatment applications. Finally, two research centers were funded, one focused on filter membranes aimed at a variety of applications (health, energy, and mobility, etc.), the second on automation and robotics related to the quality selection of fruit and vegetables.



The five calls for proposals of the Regional Law for the Promotion of Investments (2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021) are having a strong impact on the socio-economic system.  76 investment programmes have been financed, with projects integrated in industrial plans that have attracted hundreds million euros of investments in Emilia-Romagna.  The Region has provided about 121 million euros of public grants, supporting the creation of 2,995 new jobs, with a total amount of 340 million euros of funded investments.
Many foreign investments have already been financed by the Agreements, including: Silk FAV, AVL, Teko Telecom (JMA Wireless), B.Braun, Lamborghini e Ducati (part of Volkswagen/Audi group), Qura, FEV Italia, Bellco, Borgwarner Systems Lugo, Intersurgical







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