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18/01/2022 - Emilia-Romagna qualifies as an international Data Valley boasting top world supercomputers, cutting edge data centres and a wide ‘big data community’ with policies supporting new investments and a dynamic business environment aimed to put Europe on a par with the giants USA and China.
A new video - featuring the actor Stefano Accorsi - presents the Data Valley focusing on the ‘Big Data Technopole - Bologna Hub’, an international digital hub hosting HPC infrastructures. ECMWF data centre is already operative and other world-class pre-exascale HPC supercomputer will soon join, along with the new CINECA - INFN complex, the Competence Center BI-REX on Industry 4.0, the biobanks of the Rizzoli Institute of Bologna, the Regional Agency ARPAE for weather forecasts, environmental protection and energy, ENEA, as well as innovative companies.

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The video has been presented at Expo Dubai in the Italian Pavilion, during the Emilia-Romagna Regional Day held the 13th of January, promoting this new asset in front of an international audience. Many experts were attending a debate concerning the potentialities of the big data for new applications. Another important aspect that has been highlighted concerns the attraction of talents related to the new activities and investments that the region is going to carry out.  



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