The Manifesto for the attraction of talents in Emilia-Romagna

The “Manifesto for the attraction of talents in Emilia-Romagna” has been published (approved by DGR no. 777 of 06/05/2024), implementing art. 7 of Regional Law 2/2023 "Attraction, permanence and enhancement of highly specialized talents in Emilia-Romagna".

The document presents objectives and actions aimed at promoting and supporting a wide range of activities, including advanced services for the attraction of highly specialized talents for the regional production system, and information systems aimed at anticipating and analysing the skills needs of the regional territory.

The training and attraction of talents are therefore at the heart of regional policies, a common objective to be supported by the high regional offer of talents and by increasing the quality of the demand. It will also be necessary to strengthen the international openness of the regional system, supporting mobility programmes and measures, and promoting the matching of supply and demand for talent, as well as entrepreneurship and self-employment.

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Source: it-ER International Talents Emilia-Romagna