Cover "Invest in Green Economy in Emilia-Romagna"

Published online the new fact-sheet “Invest in Green Economy in Emilia-Romagna”, presenting this cross-sector comprising many different value chains and considering both “what is produced” and “how”. 

Sectors considered in Green Economy include: agri-food, mechanical engineering, waste recycling, renewable energy and efficiency, mobility, environmental management and hygiene, integrated water cycle, reclamation, textile, manufacture of packaging. 

The fact-sheet also represents the regional context, including policies such as the Pact for Work and Climate, the Ecosister Foundation funded by the NRRP (National Resilience and Recovery Plan), some important initiatives related to green hydrogen, the participation of Emilia-Romagna in the European KIC – Knowledge and Innovation Communities on environmental issues. Moreover, the document also represents the innovative ecosystem, the training system, the international trade exhibitions and some foreign investments related to environmental sustainability issues.