SiPearl opens new R&D centre in Bologna

Another important investment in the regional Data ValleySiPearl chooses Bologna to open its 1st international subsidiary in Italy with a new R&D Centre. The French company - building the high-performance low-power European microprocessor for HPC (High Performance Computing) and AI inference - considers Emilia-Romagna “Italy’s leading region for supercomputing and AI”.

The company explains the reasons of choosing Emilia-Romagna and Bologna in the press release: “Bologna is at the heart of one of the most innovative and industrial regions in Italy and Europe. It is the home of the oldest University of the continent with more than 90,000 students and of Cineca, the largest Italian supercomputing centre, partner of the European Processor Initiative (EPI) consortium. Bologna also hosts the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and, from 2025, will serve as the host city for a United Nations University (UNU) research and training institute, specializing in Big Data and AI. Besides, Bologna and Northern Italy are leading locations in academic research in semiconductors and chip design”.

After Duisburg and Barcelona, this opening illustrates the company’s ongoing internationalization strategy in key skills pools for semiconductor, HPC and AI. Matteo Tonelli will be appointed Italy Country Manager.

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