Procedures to set up a company

Emilia-Romagna Region promotes simplification, transparency and legality to ensure effective and reliable governance, together with easy and fast procedures for businesses and citizens.

All procedures required to register a company are now processed electronically in a ‘Single Communication procedure’ that allows applicants to start their business activities on the same day. The procedure is valid for tax, social security and insurance purposes and should be submitted, after digital signature, to the Business Registry Office of the relevant Chamber of Commerce.



Single Communication Procedure  - Send the Single Communication form to the Company Registry in order to obtain:

  • Registration with the Company Registry;
  • Registration with the Internal Revenue Service (tax code and VAT number);
  • Registration with INPS, the Social Security Agency, and INAIL, the National Agency for Work Related Accidents;
  • SCIA (Certified Notification of Start of Activity), if requested

The One Stop Shop for Productive Activities is the local public office that assists with the administrative procedures and compliance work required to start a business

For a new production site to be built:

  • Municipal One-Stop Shops for Production Activities (SUAP) must issue the final authorisation within 90 days, unless special action (including town planning change) is required
  • "Joint Programme Agreement" (Regional Law 20/2000) involves all relevant Authorities for the approval of town planning changes
  • “Settlement and development agreement (Regional law, 14/2014) provides support for new public infrastructure and new social services related to the investment project. Incentives for the investment are also provided.




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