Strategic position

Emilia-Romagna is a major junction for all infrastructural systems connecting the centre of Europe with southern Italy, northern Europe and countries in the Adriatic and Mediterranean regions. It is a region at the centre of communication routes, connected to all major Italian and European cities and to all main world centres. The “Scandinavian-Mediterranean”, “Baltic-Adriatic” and “Mediterranean” corridors connect the region to the Trans-European Transport Network. 

Companies in Emilia-Romagna have access to foreign markets both at European and global level. The map shows figures on foreign trade exchange (import+export) in 2015. Main countries for foreign trade are: Germany and France, followed by the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and Hungary  (the values on the map are in million euro).

There are three international airports in Emilia-Romagna: Bologna (the main regional hub for flight transport), Parma and Rimini. International flight passengers from/to Bologna increased in 2015, accounting for 75% of total passengers. A motorway network among the most developed in Italy aids freight transport on road and is backed by a rail system whose average volume of freight transfer to rail is higher than the national average.

See “Transport infrastructures” for more details about the regional transport system.


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